One Pay Lease

One Pay Lease Benefits

  • The least expensive way to drive a vehicle
  • No monthly payments to worry about, make one single lump payment in the beginning
  • Typically, more incentive from the factory versus conventional financing(Higher rebates)
  • You insulate your vehicle’s value from market fluctuations and economic downturns
  • Free “GAP” insurance provided by the leasing institution in the event of a total loss
  • No worries about diminished value from accidents(Carfax history)
  • Customizable mileage and terms for any driving scenario
  • Save money on taxes. Pay only on the term driven, not the entire purchase price.
  • Same insurance requirements as a purchase, no extra coverage required
  • Can trade just like a purchase, not obligated to keep the entire term
  • Some plans pay for routine maintenance, Onstar, and XM radio(See dealer for details)
  • Guaranteed purchase price/value at lease end.
  • No hidden fees, no disposition fee at lease end if you turn in. Simply walk away.

Let your money earn money! You decrease your amount of investment into a depreciating asset like an automobile. An automobile is an expense. Why pay for the entire cost upfront if you don’t have to? Pay a portion at the initial transaction, then pay the deferred value at a later date, all while costing less money out of pocket to you in most cases.


Automobile with a MSRP of 57,965.00. The cash price would be $55,986.68 at time of purchase. The one pay amount at time of purchase would only be $32,761. The deferred price would be $27312.28 after 24 months(including taxes, out the door). This is a savings of $952.58 and you kept $28264.86 in the bank or market for 24 months earning interest. If you put your $28264.86 in an interest earning account for 24 months, here are the yields:

2019 Buick Encore angled

More and more consumers are discovering this “alternative” way to purchase their vehicles. It is a fast-growing, smart way to buy in today’s market where every dollar saved is valuable. Call us for more details and let us show you options on your next vehicle.