2020 GMC Terrain for sale near me

November 16th, 2020 by

One of the best new features for the 2020 GMC Terrain are the optional safety features are standard. That’s good news no matter how you slice it. While there are other options available, you still get a great car with all the standard features offered.

It’s a great looking car, comfortable with a classy, modern interior. Choice of two different engine options mean choices for those who need a bit more power. Here’s what is new for the 2020.

Let’s Talk Safety
While there had been overall improvements to the car, the safety features are what is exciting people the most. These used to be optional but are now standard, which is great.

2020 GMC Terrain Safety Alert Seat
The driver-seat cushion will gently vibrate to provide a physical alert from the new safety systems. These include:

●front pedestrian detection
●low-speed forward collision warning
●lane keeping warning
●automatic emergency braking

2020 GMC Terrain Side Blind Zone Alert
The blind spot zone alert has the ability to monitor blind spots for traffic, parking and more, alerting the driver when something or someone is in the way.

Rear Cross-Traffic Alert
This alert is for the driver is perpendicular to oncoming traffic. Perfect for when you reversing out of a driveway or parking spot.

These safety features are not just great for blind spots, but bad weather, darkness and objects that suddenly appear after you have checked.

2020 GMC Terrain Popular Car Choice
Despite this car not having a long list of bells and whistles when it comes to options and features, it’s a very popular car. Ranked number 11 for compact SUVs.

This car is great for families, for those who need to get their kids to school and practice. Seats five comfortably with two latch sets for car seats. Expect great gas mileage from this car, especially for those navigating across the city every day.

For the highway drivers, you will be pleased with the smooth ride, comfortable and quiet. Great brakes and handling with a higher than average for reliability.

For you parents teaching your new young drivers, you will have a rearview camera and the Teen Driver system, which allows you to set the speed and audio volume limits for a second driver. Because teens never want to drive too fast or blast their music. You can monitor their driving performance, which will really irk them.

Great Car, Great Price
The Terrain SL is the starting point and it comes with enough features to make it well worth the asking price. Just a few of the standards are:

●leather-wrapped steering wheel,
●Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
●four USB ports
●in-car Wi-Fi hotspot
●proximity keyless entry
●push-button start
●a 7-inch touch screen
●six-speaker stereo

If you are looking to buy a new car for yourself, for a new driver in the family or just a great, gorgeous and reliable car, this 2020 GMC Terrain is just the ticket. More safety features as standards and plenty of options for upgrades make this the go-to car for next year.

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