GMC CPO Vehicles

November 16th, 2020 by

Are you searching for a used vehicle in the Athens, Georgia area? If so, perhaps a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle from Heyward Allen Buick GMC is the perfect choice for you. A Certified Pre-Owned vehicle has several benefits over a typical used car.

The Difference Between Used And Certified Pre-Owned
Many people don’t realize that there is a difference between a used vehicle and a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle,but there is. A used car is simply that. Used. Someone has owned and driven it before. A Certified Pre-Owned Chevy, Buick or GMC is a used car that has been tested and reconditioned before acquiring the classification of Certified Pre-Owned.

Inspection Process
One of the major differences between a used car and a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) one is the inspection process. Every CPO Chevy, Buick or GMC goes through a comprehensive 172 point inspection performed by a trained service technician. All major systems, components, and features are thoroughly checked and deemed to be in condition to meet our criteria before being certified.

Other Certification Criteria
Before beginning the inspection process the vehicle must meet certain other criteria to be considered for the CPO program. For the CPO program at Heyward Allen Buick GMC, the vehicle must be either a Chevy, a Buick, or a GMC. It also has to be newer than six years old with fewer than 75,000 miles, and there must be a clean vehicle history.

Benefits Of Certified Pre-Owned
Unlike most typical used vehicles, a CPO vehicle includes warranty coverage to protect your investment. At Heyward Allen Buick GMC, our CPO vehicles have two warranties covering them. There is an extended limited powertrain warranty as well as an extended limited bumper to bumper warranty. We also offer a CPO scheduled maintenance program to help you keep your vehicle in good working order.

Additional Perks
With our CPO program we offer trial subscriptions to OnStar and SiriusXM radio. Try both services for up to three months before you subscribe. If you’ve ever driven off the lot in a car and immediately felt like you chose the wrong vehicle, our vehicle exchange program will give you the peace of mind of knowing that if you aren’t happy with your choice you have three days (or 150 miles) in which you can change your mind. You also will know exactly what has happened to your car before we sold it to you. We provide a free CarFax vehicle history report with every CPO vehicle we sell.

If you have questions about the Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle program, contact the professionals at Heyward Allen Buick GMC. We are available to answer general questions about the program or to show you the Certified Pre-Owned vehicles in our inventory.